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Bracelet stacking lets you express your style and change up your look at any time. When you swap out different pieces, rearrange the order, and pair different bracelets together, you get an almost endless number of options for your wrist. The great thing about stacking bracelets is that it works for different looks.


Matter of fact, Stacking up a ton of bracelets is back! It may just be the hottest jewelry trend this summer. So, grab all your bangles, bracelets, and cuffs-and stack 'em up!s for you.

Just for you guys, Veebi mixed some Black Onyx Agate, some Lapis Lazuli, and some Obsidian Stones to evoke its Chakra and Grounding Formation.


Our His & Hers Bracelets have been infused with these remarkable Healing Properties, such as:

  • Intense energy.
  • Stability and grounding of the spirit.
  • Courage and strength.
  • Focus, Discipline
  • Self-Mastery
  • Calming for controlling anger.
  • Energising for lifting your mood.
  • Anxiety relief.


  • Stone: AAA Grade 8-10mm Black Agate, Lapis Lazuli, and Obsidian
  • Metal: 18K Crown Silver Plated Finished. 
  • 100% Handcrafted & Personalised.
  • Package: Three Bracelet and Care Cloth.


Remember: At Trinhaitia Bijoux we care!


Designed in Connecticut by Veebi...


  • Care of your Jewelry: Your jewelry accessory should not be cleaned with any type of jewelry cleaner. You should always clean them with the provided designed and appropriated cloth. In fact, you should always Clean the beads with a regular soft cotton cloth.

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