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Trinhaitia Bijoux Offers A Variety of Services Ranging From Repairing, Restringing, Rental, Therapeutic Classes, Birthday Events, Jewelry & Wine, And Do It Yourself (DIY), Your Own Signature Pieces.


We Have Beading Specialists Ready To Resolve Any Beading Request. Our Services Include Necklaces, Bracelets, earrings, Stringing, And Designing. Our Price Varies Based Upon The Type Of Work & Class Session.

                                         At Trinhaitia Bijoux, We Care!

Your Own Signature

A Signature piece of jewelry sets you apart from the rest. Of course, it looks and feels great to be Unique. Better yet, the ultimate reward is knowing that It is Your Own Inspiration.

Leisure For Seniors

With ample free time on their hands, senior residents can choose to engage themselves by taking a variety of classes.

Rent Our Jewelry Collections

Whether you want new items delivered to your door every month, or you’re looking for a monthly wardrobe pick-me-up, what and how you rent is entirely up to you.

Birthday Jewelry Bash

We’ll enjoy our Sippy time while designing a Signature piece of your own. Wine. It’s an incredible event especially when we pair Miss Natalie and six different wine tasting!

Exclusive Services

A signature piece of jewelry sets you apart from the rest. Of course, it looks and feels great to be Unique. Better yet, the ultimate reward is knowing that It is Your Own Inspiration. When you wear a Trinhaitia Bijoux’s Handmade & Personalized Piece, either at a Hang-out or just Chilling with your peeps, you'll feel the Uniqueness & Class in your look that comes across the room.

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Exquisite Services

1 Your Signature Piece

Rather you call it Custom, Handmade, or Personalized Jewelry, one thing for sure is, Signature Jewelry creates a keepsake reminder of the giver and will spark treasured memories associated with receiving the thoughtful gift. Your creation will come into existence as a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will be appreciated for generations to come.

2 How much does it cost?

THB charges a $39.99 USD consultation fee which is applied in full toward the cost of the piece if you move forward to create it. THB receives many custom requests and this allows us to separate curious people from those that intend to craft their Unique pieces.


3 How does it work?

We will schedule a 30-minute consultation, access your personality and style, and then we'll ascertain jewelry pieces that fit your Class best and map out a model to bring your inspiration to life.
Upon paying the consultation fee, you will instantly be paired with a custom jewelry Artist who will work Step-By-Step with you to design your Signature piece.

4*Consultation Fees Are Non-Refundable*

The minimum order for Signature pieces starts at $180 USD. yet, the closing price will be determined by the specific item complexity and size you get.

The consultation fee allows our jewelry experts to take their time and fully focus on making you the best custom piece specifically to your specifications. This fee will be deducted from the order, so it serves as a deposit. This fee is nonrefundable.

The time of the custom process varies depending on how many changes are required throughout the design phase. It can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks, so please be patient. It will be worth the wait! You will be kept up to date on the project throughout. Your personal Agent or Artist will provide you with visual updates throughout the process. It will take 1-2 WEEKS for production after you confirm the design.

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