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Our Vision

Our mission is to power people to feel their best every day.

Our ultimate goal is to inculcate into our artists the concept of Creativity: We believe Creativity, it’s making something glittering and beautiful. It's creating a sparkling necklace or a pair of earrings. It's designing or manufacturing jewelry to your heart's content.

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At Trinhaitia Bijoux, We Care!

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Trinhaitia Bijoux signifies the union of two beautiful and historical Caribbean islands, Trinidad and Haiti, and the fusion of two Great mindsets, which ultimately gave birth to our vivid dream, Trinhaitia Bijoux, LLC.


With all that being said, my brilliant husband and I  met in 2003, a beautiful Summer day in Queens Village, NY, where we were both of the same age.  We met in 2003, engaged in 2004, and married in 2004. From that time, we continuously fell in love and mutually feel we found the love of our lives in each other.  the rest is all history since we have been happily married and bonded together for the last 10 auspicious years.


We both possess an undeniably great penchant for aesthetics and class, which keep us late at night and rush us up early in the morning.  Our goal is to make Trinhaitia Bijoux an "Avant-goût" of distinction and an avenue of uniqueness. Indeed, we strive to incorporate our adamant passion for fashion and for the good life into our artistic productions, which inevitably evoke Sophistication.

We Started a Handmade Revolution and Changed The Jewelry Industry.

In 2008, we disrupted the trillion-dollar Handmade Jewelry Industry and changed the way people feel and wear Handcrafted Jewelry forever by pioneering Our His & Hers Jewelry Concept: an avenue of Unique and eye-catching collections filled with an infinite selection of designer styles to rent, possess and wear. Every trend, every color, every print, everything you’ve ever wanted to wear — for a fraction of the cost.


TRINHAITIA BIJOUX LLC has been helping customers in NYC & CT express their personalities and celebrate life’s special moments. We’ve continued to expand our imagination and creativity over the past decade, powering our community to save time, money, and look your best. 

A community that shares more than just Jewelry.

We’re not just a Handmade Jewelry Store; we’re a community — one that swaps everything from jewelry accessories, to inspiration and ideas. When we’re able to wear what makes us feel our best, we can be our best selves. And with our His & Hers Collections, we can freely express ourselves and dress for the incredible lives we lead.


We encourage our members to explore all the different aspects of their style, whether it’s renting a collection for every month or a special occasion, or finding a pre-loved designer piece to keep forever.


Thank you for swapping with us!

From rental to resale and beyond, we are broadening our vision to become the starting point for the circular economy — offering a variety of ways to experience the best jewelry pieces and accessories. And Guess What? We’re just getting started.

Join us.

Veebi & Miss Natalie

Founder & Co-Founder

Trinhaitia Bijoux llc

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