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A Signature Piece of Jewelry Sets You Apart From The Rest. Of Course, It Looks And Feels Great To Be Unique. Better Yet, The Ultimate Reward Is Knowing That It is Your Own Inspiration. When You Wear A Trinhaitia Bijoux’s Handmade & Personalized Piece, Either At A Hang-Out or Just Chilling With Your Friends & Peeps, You'll Feel The Uniqueness & Class In Your Look That Comes Across The Room.

"To Give Pristine Service We Had To Add Something Which Cannot Be Bought Or Measured With Money, And That Is Sincerity & Integrity."

Whether You Need To Chat With Us Or You Look For An Unique Piece To Complement Your Style, Worry No More, Trinhaitia Bijoux Is Your Ultimate & Nonpareil Handmade Jewelry Repertoire.

In Case Of Doubt Or In Need Of A Quick Response? Call Us At 860-609-0632 Or 212-470-7995.   

By All Means, Reach Out With Any Questions or Comments That You Have And We'll Surely Get Back

In Touch With You As Fast As We Can. 

At Trinhaitia Bijoux, We Care!

Come Say Hi & See You Soon!

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55 Lovely Street, Unionville, CT 06085  |  Tel: 860-609-0632

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