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                                                                          Our Volunteer / Brand Ambassador Program:

Thank you for helping Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC to succeed. Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC would not be able to promote our brand without the dedication and passion of volunteers like you.

In line with and in consideration of your participation as a volunteer, we ask you to confirm your understanding and agreement to the followings:    

  1. You agree, for your own safety and that of others, that you will comply with Trinhaitia Bijoux’s volunteer, policies, safety rules, and other guidelines.

  2. You assume full responsibility for any and all risks that may arise from your presence at Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC program sites or participation in Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC's activities. These include risks arising from physical exertion, conditions at facilities, traveling to or from a program site, or interacting with other volunteers, or others.

  3. You agree to waive and release any claims against Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC and its directors including any claims for death or for injury to your person or property, resulting from your participation as a Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC volunteer.

  4. You agree to hold in confidence at all times, during and after participation, any confidential information you have access to as a volunteer of Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC, and to use and disclose such information only as expressly authorized by the Client.

  5. You grant full and exclusive rights to Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC in any works you may create in the course of volunteer activities, and in any brochures, posts, blogs, feed, presentations, or other materials you create or help to create for Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC, including any intellectual property rights in or derivatives of such materials.

  6. You consent to use of your image, voice, name, or story by Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC, for purposes of promotion and fundraising, on its website, in its publications, through social media, or any other media.

  7. You agree that you have no right to approve or receive payment for such use, and to waive any legal claims related to such use, including claims relating to copyright or rights of publicity or privacy.

  8. If you do not wish to agree to this consent, please check this box box: < >You understand that you are not an employee of Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC and will not be paid for participation as a volunteer or be eligible for participation in Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC’s benefit plans.You understand this agreement applies throughout the duration of your participation as a Trinhaitia Bijoux's volunteer, and that this agreement is complete and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications or understandings between you and Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC relating to volunteer activities.    You have read this agreement and understand its terms. You sign it freely and voluntarily. 

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Join Miss Natalie
Our Connecticut Ambassador


Join Julia.V
Our New York New York Ambassador

                                                                      Thank you again for volunteering with Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC.


Our Ambassadors should:

  1. Embody our brand THB that he or she is endorsing.

  2.  Influencing consumers and raising awareness.

  3. Discover compatible brands.

  4. Build engagement.

  5. Create a cohesive online personality.

  6. Get your audience involved.

  7. Build a following.


Goal & Mission:

Our Brand Ambassadors are employed by our company, Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC to scream the word of our brand to leverage customer relations and entrust consumers to make a purchase.

We created a brand that fits everyone in every size and style, for your everyday Jewelry Collection. We value 'word of mouth' so much that we've put together an exclusive program for everyone who wants to help us spread the word about our brand.


Some of the perks of being a brand ambassador include:

  • Opportunity to earn FREE jewelry piece every month.

  • 25% Off discount on ALL Products! 25% off coupon code-Ambassador

  • 10% OFF for your friends/family/followers. 10% personalized referral code just for you.

  • Be rewarded with great incentives: Dinner For 2, Flight Tickets, Luxurious Gifts, Free Fashion Trends, etc.

  • Insider access to our sales and new product launches.

  • Features onto our social media pages and platforms (@Trinhaitiabijoux) and Get featured on our posts, stories, highlights every time you tag us.


A few of the responsibilities of a brand ambassador include:

  • Spread positivity and support for our brand, and for others' goals.

  • Regularly engage and participate in campaigns we invite you to (they’re fun, we promise!)

  • Create photo and video content utilizing your jewelry.

  • Share your personal promo code and enjoy the benefits!

  • If you have social media accounts, such as Instagram Page (ex. If not Instagram then Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok) be sure to submit them in your contract so we can include you in as many opportunities as possible!



                                                                                         Disclaimer & Release of Liability



Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC’s Volunteer Agreement

Thank you for agreeing to be a volunteer with Trinhaitia bijoux LLC. Volunteers have an important part to play in Land care and this Volunteer Agreement has been developed to ensure that volunteers fully understand their rights and responsibilities.

This agreement is made between; Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC and (                                                )

  • I understand that the times when I volunteer for party A will be mutually agreed upon between me and party B.

  • I understand that as a volunteer I will not receive a wage or salary.

  • I understand that, as a volunteer, I am a representative of Trinhaitia bijoux LLC and agree to uphold its principles and standards and agree to abide by Trinhaitia Bijoux’s policies at

  • If

  • I understand Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance for volunteers and that volunteers are not provided with any cover under Workers Compensation, which is established for the purpose of paid staff only.

  • I understand that no expenses will be reimbursed unless approved by Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC.


Join Taina.J
Our Long Island, New York Ambassador

                                                                                VOLUNTEER RESPONSIBILITIES:




I.           DUTIES

Volunteers play an important role in Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC. For this reason, as a volunteer, you will be provided with the training and ongoing support needed to successfully undertake your voluntary placement.


The activities you perform as a volunteer for Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC may involve access to confidential information. You should not discuss sensitive information with members of the public, other volunteers, staff members or other organizations. Also, you should not use information gained in the course of your volunteer placement to cause harm or detriment to Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC, or any person or body.


As a volunteer, you grant non-exclusive permission to Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC for use of any materials produced during the period of engagement as a volunteer to become the property of Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC upon submission.


Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC has established a Code of Conduct that outlines the standard of behavior expected of our team. While volunteering with Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC, you are required to be aware of this Code and to observe its principles.


Volunteers have a responsibility to take reasonable care for the health and safety of others; and to co-operate with any health, safety, or welfare requirements. This includes abiding by all THB’s policies and procedures of the second party.

As a second party volunteer, you commit to not do anything to compromise your safety, or the safety of others and you understand that there may be risks associated with providing particular voluntary services. It is the duty of volunteers to notify their Lead Representative of a situation that is or may be, a health or safety concern for themselves or others.


If, as a volunteer, you are granted access to a second party’s computer services you will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement for Information Systems.



The second party’s Grievance Policy may be found on the website.



If you have a dispute or grievance relating to your voluntary placement with a second party, you are encouraged to inform Trinhaitia bijoux’s Chief Administrator or CEO.

This agreement is made on the Date of Month, Year. (                                                         )



This Agreement does not create an employment relationship between us and we will have no obligations towards each other except for the ones expressly described in this Agreement, both during the time of this Agreement and afterward.


Term and Termination

  • This Agreement will be effective from [                                ] until Volunteer finishes the tasks described in the Terms of References above, which is estimated to be [ Six Months].

  •  Either of us may terminate this Agreement at any time upon providing written notice to the other. 


I, _________________ have read and understood the terms of the above agreement and in signing this agreement I agree to abide by its terms and conditions.


Volunteer’s Name: _____________________________

Volunteer’s Signature: __________________________

SIGNED ON BEHALF OF: Trinhaitia Bijoux LLC



                                                                                       At Trinhaitia Bijoux, We Care!


Mindy N.

Join Mindy.N
Our Florida,  Ambassador

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