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Christmas Garland is one of those decorations that ties a look together, filling out a lot of space with beautiful greenery and serving as a platform for lights or other ornaments.
Due to our hight demand and minimum seaonal inventory, we recommend to call before placing your order to ensure item availability and  timely delivery. Visit Us or Call Us to personalize your own.  


Our Garland Collections are made of a decorative braid, knot or wreath of flowers, leaves, or other material. They can be worn on the head or around the neck, hung on an inanimate object, or laid in a place of cultural or religious importance.


Miss Natalie handmade some amazing high-quality materials such as mesh decorated ribbons, ribbons with or without wirings, ornaments, and lights to evoke a truly festive and Christmas theme, so they can be beautiful and crafted to last.
Reach Us at 212-470-7995

The package includes One Garland.


Remember, At Trinhaitia Bijoux, We Care!

N.B. Please be aware, pakaging must be purchased separartely and shipping is not included with the Garland Price. Shipping wil be determined based on postal and regional codes.


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