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Let's Meet The Dream Team

At Trinhaitia,We Care!

Lucas Basil

Brand Ambassador

Basil Lucas a.k.a. Banaluca is our main Brand Ambassador. Without Him, our dream will simply be a figment of our imagination.

As Brand Ambassador of Trinhaitia Bijoux Basil helps to promote our company's products, messaging, and image. Basil's purpose is to develop an efficient image by interacting with our consumers and niche. Basil understands every aspect of Trinhaitia Bijoux's vision statement, mission, functions, and products & services.

Basil Represents Trinhaitia Bijoux positively in a multitude of settings. He assists in content creation participates in event marketing, and he generates brand awareness.

  • Engages with prospective and existing customers in a professional and friendly manner.

  • Represents our brand at promotional events and other marketing initiatives.

  • Acts as a subject matter expert for our brand.

  • Communicates with potential investors.

  • Responds to customer questions and concerns in-person, by phone, and via social media.

  • Promotes our brand via our social media accounts.

  • Records customer feedback and relay them to the marketing team.

  • Attends Trinhaitia Bijoux's events outside of office hours.

Trinhaitia Bijoux is fortunate to have Basil as part of our Team. Basil is always willing to live our products, breathe our brand, and believe in Trinhaitia Bijoux as much as we do.


Lucas Basil


Lucas Basil
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