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Weston is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 10,354 at the 2020 census with the highest median household income in Connecticut. The town is served by Route 57 and Route 53, both of which run through the town center.


Veebi incorporated an array of 8-10 mm some Black Onyx, Jades, along with some Green Faceted Agate, finished with some classy silver-plated crown charms which ultimately solidified its place among the selected ones.


  • Stone: AAA Grade 8-10 mm Black Onyx, Jades, and Faceted Agates  
  • Metal: Crown Charm with Silver Plated Finished
  • 100% Handcrafted & Personalised
  • Package: One Bracelet and Care Cloth


Remember: At Trinhaitia Bijoux we care!


Designed in Connecticut by Veebi...


  • Care of your Jewelry: Your jewelry accessory should not be cleaned with any type of jewelry cleaner. You should always clean them with the provided-designed and appropriated cloth. In fact, you should always Clean the beads with a regular soft cotton cloth.

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