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Athair, says Father in Jaelic . Veebi incorporated an array of 10-12mm dyed quartzite red round stone beads, along with some well-patterned solid hematite stones to create a flair of reassurance and love. As for a signature father's day gift, Dad says it all among the rest of your jewelry collections.


The entire production has been well configured and touched with extra (ATT).

100% Handcrafted and Personalised.

Package: Two Bracelets and Care Cloth.

Remember: At Trinhaitia Bijoux we care!


Designed in Connecticut by Veebi...


  • Care of your wrist wear: Your bracelet should not be cleaned with any type of jewelry cleaner. You should always clean them with the provided designed and appropriated cloth. In fact, you should always Clean the beads with a regular soft cotton cloth.