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Clear Crystal Quartz is an abundant mineral found in many far-flung corners of the earth, from Arkansas to Brazil and the vanilla cracked shores of Madagascar, this silicon dioxide-rich stone is known for its ability to absorb, store, and regulate the release of energy – exactly what you need to bring you back to a sense of balance.


Our His & Hers Bracelets have been infused with these remarkable Healing Properties, such as 


Intense energy.


Stability and grounding of the spirit.


Courage and strength.


Focus, Discipline




Calming for controlling anger.


Energising for lifting your mood.


Anxiety relief.


Yet for you, Veebi incorporated an array of top-grade 10mm Clear Crystal Quartz and some Hematite Beads, selected one by one along with a Silver-plated and finished Crown Charm to complement your taste.


Stone: AAA Grade 10mm Solid Clear Quartz.

Metal: 18K Crown Charm Silver Plated Finished. 

100% Handcrafted & Personalised.

Package: One Bracelet and Care Cloth.

Remember: At Trinhaitia Bijoux we care!


Designed in Connecticut by Veebi...


  • Care of your Jewelry: Your jewelry accessory should not be cleaned with any type of jewelry cleaner. You should always clean them with the provided-designed and appropriated cloth. In fact, you should always Clean the beads with a regular soft cotton cloth.