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Lava Stones Healing Properties


Lava Stones Healing Properties

Lava stone is one of the oldest and most frequently found stones around the world and its origin plays a key role in the stone's healing properties. It is Known for its grounding and calming healing properties; lava stone is great for stabilizing the root chakra. Lava Stone Benefits

Lava stone doesn’t really have the “look” of something that is healing, but for centuries it has been used to do exactly that. When thinking of lava stones, it’s important to keep in mind that its origin plays a key role in its energetic qualities.


Lava & Physical Health:

This stone emanates security and success. Lava is infused with all of these healing properties which ultimately reassure Security & Success. Its property is comprised of:

  • Intense energy.

  • Stability and grounding of the spirit

  • Courage and strength.

  • Muscle tension relief.

  • Clarity to bring focus for communication.

  • Calming for controlling anger.

  • Energizing for lifting your mood.

  • Anxiety relief.


Lava & Your Feelings

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